When I was searching for a 67 Eldorado I did not want to buy one which would need to be restored.
Thats why I bought this low mileage - two owner car.
Being a perfectionist, of course I soon found out that it would need some work done to it when it arrived at my door.

Technically wise it needed the following to be perfect:

These are all some typical issues of low mileage cars that were into storage for too long. Below you can find some pictures of the technical restoration. Scroll down to see the information on the repaint project.


Cosmetically wise
it will get a repaint in the winter of 2017/18 as the original paint has some issues. It is cracking on some places and unfortunately it also has some paint chips from storing it under boxes in the garage of the original owner. The car also has the typical issue around the rear window - where some surface rust is showing. The original owner already made some poor attempts to fix this. I will take care of all of this at the repaint. The car will be stripped to bare metal of course. The car has no rust as it was always garaged.
I also need to have the rear bumper re-chromed as the chrome is flaking off - I have never seen this on any car before - its strange, but fixable.
The engine bay will get a detailing job to look like new as well.
The interior needs nothing - its like new!

Check back often to see some pictures of the progress below.
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