1967 Cadillac Eldorado1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz for sale



This convertible was restored in strict accordance with the Cadillac/LaSalle Club’s Authenticity Manual for the restoration of the 1958 Cadillac. The restoration was spearheaded by Todd Rayner who, in conjunction with Blaine Worth Automobile Restoration of Victoria, coordinated the expertise of many in the restoration of this automobile. Of the 121,778 Cadillacs manufactured in 1958 just 815 were the Eldorado Biarritz model representing about 0.6 of 1% of total production.

The restoration was meticulous, was completed over five years and involved removing the body from the frame. This Biarritz is essentially a hand-built car as the majority of body stampings were drilled out, restored and re-welded together. Each front fender, for example required the restoration of six stampings (twelve in total). Body components were painted separately prior to assembly. The rocker panels and some body braces/panels are new.

All components of the car were thoroughly addressed during the five-year restoration including but not limited to:
• DRIVELINE Rebuilding the entire driveline– engine including all engine accessories, radiator, transmission, driveshaft, universal joints, steady bearing, seals, differential, and wheels;
• SUSPENSION The entire suspension system was renewed including all shafts, bushings, bearings, races, tie rod ends, and ball joints. New coil springs for ’58 Cadillacs equipped with air conditioning were supplied by Detroit Eaton Spring and tires;
• ELECRICAL SYSTEM All of the electrical system was replaced or rebuilt including:
o Thirteen electric motors;
o Complete new wiring harness including cables and all ground straps;
o Power seat;
o Autronic Eye (automatic headlight dimmer);
o Power antenna;
o Hydro-electric convertible top;
o Power trunk motor;
o All instrumentation and sending units;
o Radio and speakers.
• BRAKE SYSTEM The entire brake system was renewed including new drums, brake cylinders, brake shoes, brake lines, fasteners, keepers, springs and Bendix power brake assembly;
• BRIGHT SURFACES All chromium surfaces were re-plated, all stainless steel was polished and trunk trim letters and “V” were gold plated. The grille was re-anodized;
• UPHOLSTERY The authentic upholstery including the sun visors, top and top well, carpeting and trunk trim was supplied by Jenkins interiors and installed by Styles Upholstery of Victoria;
• WHEELS AND TIRES Five Sabre wheels c/w new three piece hubcaps were restored by Valley Wheels and the new Michelin tires with correct 2-1/4” whitewalls were supplied by Diamond Back Tires;
• COSMETICS All cosmetics were purchased new including taillight bezels, hood ornamentation, sill plates, ashtrays, lighters, generator cooling tube, firewall insulation, speedometer cable and housing, glove box, hood insulation, knobs, lenses, locks, mirrors, body seals, sealed beam headlamps and floor mats for example;
• RUBBER All rubber components including grommets, gaskets, weather stripping, pads, bumpers, insulators, body mounts, seals and window channels were replaced;
• HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING The factory air conditioning system was rebuilt to modern environmental standards. All heating and A/C motors, ducting, hoses and controls, radiator, evaporator, compressor and condenser were renewed or replaced;
• PAINTING The correct three shades of black (gloss to matt) were used authentically on the frame, all inner fenders, driveline, suspension and under hood components.
• SEAT BELTS Seat belts were a dealer installed option in 1958.

Restoration costs for this Biarritz are fully documented and open for viewing, should the purchaser come to see the car. The quoted price is firm.
Don would like to realise US$250,000 which is less than half of what has been invested in this restoration. One of these sold this year for US$264,000 through Mecum Auctions, which was restored by Harbour Restorations in Florida and was Dakota Red with an all-black interior.

Don would be pleased to provide any additional information.

The upholstery was supplied by Jenkins Interiors of South Carolina. Jenkins is the only supplier of the correct Taxi Grain leather with the correct dielectric work on the seat bolsters and upper door panels. The chrome plated horizontal member shown here is brushed as it was originally. The “Biarritz” panel is new from “Mastermind” in California and is polished. All trim screws are new stainless steel and are correctly seated. Some threads for trim screws were filled, re-drilled and re-tapped for a perfect fit and appearance.

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