1967 Cadillac Eldorado1966 CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLE



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1966 Cadillac Coupe deVille

This is an all original, unrestored 1966 Cadillac Coupe deVille with only 22.000 miles in Antique Gold Iridescent with black interior..

What makes this car very special besides its fantastic condition, is that it is one of the rare cars without a vinyl roof - a slick top!
Also it has the ultra expensive and therefore super rare leather bucket seats with power adjustments and the luxurious center console!
The car is very well equipped and has a long list of extra cost options.

  • Air Conditioning (works)
  • EZ glass
  • Tilt and telescope steering
  • AM/FM Radio (works)
  • Cruise Control (works)
  • Twilight Sentinel (works)
  • Automatic Dimming (works)
  • Power Bucket Seats (work)

The color combination is very elegant. The interior looks like new. Nothing is worn or faded - a real time capsule.
The original paint is in very good condition with only very, very light patina and looks awesome.
Chrome and stainless steel is in fantastic condition.
Glas all around the car is perfect - no scratches or de-lamination.
Pristine hubcaps.

Mechanical wise the car drives, idles, shifts, brakes and feels like a new car. Lots of new mechanical parts like brakes and exhaust. It purrs to life immediately and idles without any vibrations. The new exhaust makes it whisper quiet - like it came from the factory.

I also repaired all the options on this car to work like the day it left the factory. Its pretty rare to find a car where EVERYTHING works - no excuse needed.
The clock is ticking and keeps time, the automatic AC blows cold and warm air and all modes like defog or defrost work like they should. You can set the cruise control and cruise along all day long. Needless to say that the speed reminder functions perfectly as well. The power seats move effortlessly. The carburetor was rebuilt as well and the engine purrs to live without any problem and there is no vibration whatsoever. You can set the twilight sentinel and auto dimming and you do not have to think about turning the lights on and off. The sentinel is perfectly calibrated and works like the day it left the factory.

The engine bay is super clean and all the original factory markings and stickers are still there. I have cleaned everything to perfection, you could eat out of the engine bay.
A real time capsule - the best all original 66 I have ever seen. I have driven some other extremely good 65 and 66 Cadillacs and none of these come even close to this one!
It would need a lot of money to restore a 66 Cadillac to the condition this 66 is now - and then it would not be an original car...

The body is 100% rust free - as the car was always garaged and it spent a lot of time in California. As it was always garaged, there is no fading on the interior.

Lots of the factory markings are still visible.
The engine bay is in show quality as well as you can see on the pictures. You could eat outside the engine bay. There are no leaks whatsoever.

This car is a true time capsule and one of the very best all original 60s Cadillacs I have ever seen and I would drive this car anywhere, as I went through every detail to make sure everything works like it should.
This is a car you can get in and drive all day and enjoy to the fullest as there is no work necessary, as it is already perfect.
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