1967 Cadillac EldoradoThe Restoration of my Mark III



Mr. Brian Ventura, the former owner of my 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III, did a lot of restoration work after he bought the car - so there was not much left to do for me ;-)

In the 9 years Brian had the car, the following work has been done:  

  • rear brakes rebuilt,  
  • transmission rebuilt,
  • new water pump,
  • correct stainless steel exhaust system from Baker's Auto (another Lincoln restoration and parts company),
  • NOS Ford A/C compressor and clutch - charged with R-12 freon,
  • new heater core,
  • engine removed,
  • heads rebuilt with hardened valves and seats for unleaded gas,
  • new headlight cover vacuum motors,
  • front door window tracks cleaned and re-lubed,
  • one new window motor (the right door),
  • good used rear window motor assemblies installed (you have to completely remove the rear interior to replace those!),
  • rebuilt steering gear,
  • new correct size radial tires,
  • engine painted and engine bay detailed and with all the correct decals, correct radiator hoses and clamps,
  • new washer pump and reservoir,
  • new correct battery cables and battery tray.   
  • A new headlight switch that I haven't installed.
  • new speakers
  • new inside rear view mirror
  • new rubber bellows for the cruise control
  • front seat got new foam underneath
  • new alternator
  • new carburetor
  • new battery

Brian even went so far to have some minor things repaired after I already bought the car and before it was picked up. Try to find a seller who does such things for you! Thanks Brian!

After I got the car I did some more work to it:

  • tuned the car as it had a light pinging under full throttle
  • replaced the shocks with NOS ones
  • repaired the steering column as it was loose
  • fixed some lights
  • readjusted the rear windows
  • fixed some weatherstripping as you could hear some wind-noise
  • fully detailed and touched up the paint