1967 Cadillac EldoradoCAR VIDEOS I SHOT

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On this page you can see some videos my wife and I shot about our cars, our friends and their cars and events we attended. Lots of Cadillacs and other nice stuff can be seen in these films. Have fun - they are worth watching.
Both my wife and I work for various TV-stations btw…

I have uploaded some videos to Youtube and due to copyright reasons some videos are not available in certain countries like Germany. Other videos are blocked on mobile devices by Youtube as well and can only be played on the Youtube website. Sorry for that - I am working on a solution.

Make sure to watch the videos in HD quality - You will have to set it manually for every video by clicking on the quality setting button!

Videos from the Cadillac BIG Meet 2018

TV1 Report

LT1 Report

Info - TV - Report

Some older Videos

My 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville.

Cadillac BIG Meet 2012
Video by Cadillac Europe

Cadillac BIG Meet 2010
A TV report we shot for BTV

Cadillac BIG Meet 2009
A short film we shot.

Cadillac BIG Meet 2007
TV Report

Cadillac BIG Meet 2007 - Full length Video

The 1967 Eldorado Headlight Doors in Action

Cruising with my friends 2008

Austrian Mopar Nationals Trailer.

US-CAR-Show Dornbirn 2009.

Haus of Hotrod Photoshooting

Mostkost Kustom Meet #3

Cadillac Cruising 2003

Cadillac Cruising 2007

Dornbirn 2005

Dornbirn 2005

Cadillac Meeting Zurzach/Switzerland 2002

Mostkost Kustom Show 2007 - TV Report

US-CAR-Show Graz 2002

The first Cadillac BIG Meet 2004 - A full length film we produced.

Cadillac BIG Meet 2005 TV Report

Dry Ice Cleaning my 1974 Cadillac

Dry Ice Cleaning my 1974 Engine

Cadillac BIG Meet 2016 - I´m on TV

Cadillac BIG Meet 2016 - BTV - Report

Cadillac BIG Meet 2016 - Info-TV-Report

Cadillac BIG Meet 2018 - TV Commercial

Cruising 2018