1967 Cadillac Eldorado1967 Technical Data



The 1967 Sales Brochure shows the following technical data:

Eight-cylinder, 340 HP, overhead, 90 degrees V-type; bore 4.13", stroke 4.0"; displacement 429 cu. in. (7030ccm) Max. torque 480 ft.-lbs (650NM). Engine mounted in rubber at three points. Compression ratio 10.5 to 1.

Aluminium alloy, slipper-type to reduce friction surfaces and permit nesting between crankshaft counterweights. New top compression ring inverted to pump oil upwards rather than down, one wide oil ring with expander; top compression ring molybdenum-filled to minimize wear on cylinder walls. Contoured piston head increases turbulence for fast, complete burning of fuel-air mixture.

New Quadrajet four-barrel downdraft with equalized manifold; mechanical fuel pump; dry-type air filter; new automatic choke.

Full-pressure. Full-flow oil filter standard.

Electrical System:
12-volt. 13-plate battery. High-capacity, 42-amp. generator (55 amp., air conditioned cars).

Gasoline Tank Capacity:
Approximately 26 gallons. Eldorado approximately 24 gallons.

Turbo Hydra-Matic:
Fully automatic, improved torque converter type with variable stator Except Seventy-Five models). Converter multiplies engine torque for increased driving thrust to drive wheels during acceleration in any gear (low, intermediate or high).

Rear Axle:
Hypoid. Differential housing offset to provide straight-line drive. Ratio is 2.94 with a 3.21 axle available (3.21 only on Eldorado). The 3.21 axle is standard on all air-conditioned models and the Seventy-Five models. Available (except Eldorado) is the controlled differential which directs power to the rear wheel having better traction.

Front Suspension:
Spherical joint with Cadillac independent, helical-coil-type springs. Rubber-mounted strut rods and rubber bushings absorb impacts and isolate road noise. (Torsion bar suspension on Eldorado.

Rear Suspension:
Four-link drive. Rear springs are helical-coil-type. Rubber bushings for quieter, softer ride. (Single-leaf springs with two horizontal and two vertical shock absorbers on Eldorado.)
Cadillac power brakes with self-adjusting shoes; finned front and composite finned rear drums. Split hydraulic master cylinder provides independent piston and fluid reservoir for front and rear brakes.

Parking Brake:
Serves as true auxiliary brake... will not lock in position with engine running and car in gear... can be operated as a foot emergency brake while car is in motion. Automatically releases when transmission is in any drive range with engine running.

Cadillac variable ratio power steering is standard equipment (except Seventy-Five models). Energy absorbing steering wheel and column . Overall steering ratio of 16.7 to 1 (except 18.2 on Seventy-Five models and 16.3 on Eldorado) and 38.5 degrees turning angle provides fast response and short turning diameter.

Perimeter frame is fully boxed in its entire length with hidden bulkheads for additional torsional rigidity. Eldorado has a frame especially designed for its front wheel drive and front and rear suspension systems.

Low-pressure, 2-ply, tubeless, size 9.00 x 15 on all models except the Fleetwood Seventy-Five, on which the size is 8.20 x 15, 4-ply. Black sidewalls are standard on all models. White sidewalls may be selected on all models.

Cornering Lights:
(standard equipment) On the side of front fenders, activated by directional signal lever when headlamp switch is on. Project a beam of light from the side of the car, thus illuminating roadside and road signs for convenience at night.

Front and rear, 62.5". (Eldorado 63.5", front; 63", rear.)

129.5" (Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan and Brougham, 133"; Fleetwood Seventy-Five, 149.75"; Eldorado, 120".) Overall Length: 224" (Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan and Brougham, 227.5"; Fleetwood Seventy-Five, 244.5"; Eldorado, 221".)

Additional Body Colors not shown on cars illustrated include: Grecian White, Regal Silver, Summit Gray, Marina Blue, Admiralty Blue, Sherwood Green, Regent Maroon, Crystal Firemist, Olympic Bronze Firemist and Ember Firemist. Note: When leather is used in the De Ville and Fleetwood