1967 Cadillac Eldorado1958 Cadillac Options



    As the Eldorado was a top of the line car most things were included as standard equipment and only a few things were options at extra cost.

    Eldorado Seville Standard Equipment
    Air Cleaner, dry-pack Hydra-Matic Transmission Radio
    Armrest, center, front & rear License Frame Rear-View Mirror, 3-way, E-Z-Eye
    Cadillac Power Brakes Lights, front ash receivers Remote -Control Trunk Lid Lock
    Cadillac Power Steering Lights, back-up dual Sabre-Spoke Wheels (set of five), chrome finish
    Cigarette Lighters, front (two) Light, courtesy or map (automatic) Vent window Regulators, power operated
    Cigarette Lighters, rear (two) Lights, directional signal Visor Vanity Mirror
    Clock, electric Lights, door panel, safety warning Visors, dual sun
    Eldorado Engine (3 dual - barrel carburetors) Light, glove box (automatic) Whitewall Tires , 8.20 x 15 (set of five)
    Fog Lamps (pair) Light, luggage compartment (automatic) Window Lifts, power operated
    Front Seat Adjustment (6way), power operated Outside Mirror, left side, remote-control Windshield washer and Coordinator
    Heater Parking Brake Warning Signal

    Only 7 options at extra cost were available

    Eldorado Seville Optional Equipment (Extra cost)
    Option  Code   Option  Code   Option  Code 
    Cadillac Air Conditioner   K Door locks, electric   M Gold-Finish Radiator Grille (no extra cost)   G
    Cadillac Air Suspension   T E-Z.Eye Glass   E Headlight Dimmer (automatic)   U
    Front Seat-Back Lock, right side   C