1967 Cadillac Eldorado1958 Cadillac Colors



In 1958 buyers had the choice of 19 exterior colors which could be applied in different tones for the lower or single part of the car and a different color for the upper part. There were 5 special colors reserved to the Eldorados. 5 different top colors for the Vicodec roof were available and a choice of 8 interiors in cloth or leather for the Seville.
Check out the following color chart for colors and codes:

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8 interiors were available for the Eldorado Seville

Cloth and leather interiors for the Eldorado Seville - including codes
Black-Silver Crest Cloth and Silver Metallic Leather 50
Black and White Leather 51
Blue - Silver Crest Cloth and Biscay Blue Metallic Leather 52
Biscay Blue Metallic Leather 53
Copper-Silver Crest Cloth and Copper Metallic Leather 54
Green Silver Crest Cloth and Bimini Green Metallic Leather 56
Bimini Green Metallic Leather 57
Vermillion and White Leather 58

Vicodec Top Colors

Seville Top Colors and their codes:
White 1
Black 2
Gleneagles Gree 6
Argyle Blue 7
Copper 8