1967 Cadillac Eldorado1974 Cadillac Coupe deVille



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I will need a lot of superlatives to describe this car!
I never drove a car that turned so many heads and that got so many positive comments than this 27k miles 1974 Cadillac Coupe deVille.
The ultra rare color combination in “Persian Lime Firemist“ with the Cabriolet Roof option and the white leather interior make this car something very special and it draws a lot of attention. You cant get anywhere without getting noticed ;-)

Its funny - lots of my friends who thought I was crazy for liking a green Cadillac, completely changed their minds when they saw the car in real life for the first time.
Photos don't do this car justice - the color is so vibrant and juicy in real life. Only 2% of all Cadillacs produced in 1974 were ordered with this optional firemist color at extra cost.

The car has the Cabriolet Roof option. This describes a special vinyl roof and window treatment. The vinyl is in exceptional condition with no tears, flaws or blemishes. No rust whatsoever underneath it!

The original paint is in fantastic condition - only very minor blemishes which you have to look for to find them. The body is laser straight and there is no rust to be found anywhere. The paint is extremely shiny and the firemist paint gives it a very special look in sunlight.

From all the cars I drove - this car would be the one I would take for a very long road trip. There is something very special about the ride and handling characteristics of this car. I do not know what the secret of the 74 is - but it drives especially nice and it's especially quiet inside.

The car was garaged its entire life in New York and later in Philadelphia - so there is not the slightest color fading on the interior to be found.
The original owner was a doctor in New York before the car was sold to Philadelphia to a collector only a few years ago.

All the vinyl is vibrant, no wear, tears, oxidation or any other blemishes. It absolutely looks new inside and out. The interior wood and the metal inserts look like they just came out of the factory.

The white leather seats are super soft and show no wear at all.
The weatherstripping is extremely soft and in perfect condition - no rips.
The chrome and stainless steel is perfect.

The engine bay is completely unrestored and very clean with only a little patina. It could be restored to full show quality condition very easily - but I decided to leave it completely original.

The car has the robust 472 engine which runs like a clockwork. It starts right up and you cannot feel it running from inside the car. No vibration, no shaking - just perfect.
The transmission shifts smoothly as it should. The brakes work perfectly as well.

This Coupe de Ville did not come with many options but it has Air Conditioning, rear defog and working 8 track radio.
The trunk is very clean as well as you can see on the pictures.
The hubcaps are perfect too.
Bumper fillers were replaced by the previous owner and they did a great job matching the color to the rest of the car.

I repaired the power antenna, the seat back locks and replaced the AC compressor and completely cleaned the car. I´m bringing it up to my standards at the moment and you can see all the restoration work here.