Happy Holidays to all the visitors of my website.
My little family with the 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville.



In 2002 we shot a “selfie“ on black and white film with my first two Cadillacs. Today - 13 years later - we recreated the picture on exactly the same location. Some things have changed over the years…
It took me quite a while to drive all the cars to the location and park them, as only 3 of them live in
the big garage in the picture…

A lot of things have changed during the last 13 years.

Our 1976 AMC Pacer is missing in this picture as it does not run at the moment.



Shortly after I got my 1967 DeVille in 1996 I launched my very first website after I had access to the internet at work for the very first time.
The first update followed in 1998 after the restoration of the 67 was finished.
Over the years the website became more complex and technically sophisticated.
Today I launched V6.0 of my website with a more modern design. The new website is responsive - meaning it will change depending on the resolution of your screen and will look great on mobile devices like phones and tablets as well as in the browser of your computer. I had to reprogram my website as I had some troubles with updates and some pages not working on all devices.
The update also contains lots of new posts about my cars and what I have done over the winter. Some older image galleries were not updated for the new version.

It took weeks to rebuild my website and I hope that you like it. There are probably a few errors or dead links left as I am continuing to work through the site. Please let me know if you find any errors.

Below you can find some screenshots where you can see how my website changed over the years. Unfortunately I do not have a screenshot of my first website.

My second website when I only owned my 67 DeVille: V2 from 1998 - 2000
Later I got the 58 Eldorado Seville and made a new website for it: V3 - 2000 - 2007

A more modern design followed: V4 2007-2009

I had to add a few cars and make a new website: V5 - 2009 - 2015


New pictures of my Mark III online

We finally found the time to scan the 3 rolls of film my wife shot of my Mark III a couple of weeks ago with her good old analog Hasselblad camera on Fuji slide film.
You can find them in the 1971 Continental Mark III image gallery. Enjoy! Below you can see two sample images out of the gallery...

in the garage
long time exposure at night


Mark III Photoshooting

My wife and I did a quick photo shooting of the Mark III today. As we shot the pictures on good old analog medium format slide film it will take a while to have the film developed and scanned. I will post the pictures here as soon as they are available. Below you can see a few digital ones we also shot.

My wife Afra with her good old analog Hasselblad camera

Little Elliot with his mom
The Mark III
Rear view

What a nice interior!


The 2010 season is over - the Cads are in winter hibernation

With winter already throwing cold and damp weather against us, the cars are in winter hibernation now and are looking forward to the spring of 2011. They all got an oil change and the tank was filled with fresh fuel to the brim. I cleaned and waxed them, put a thick coat of Gliptone leather conditioner on the leather seats, overinflated the tires and put their soft and warm covers on them. There is not much to do during the winter months while they are stuffed into the cosy and dry garage.
I will eventually put some new rear shocks and front wheel bearings on the 67 DeVille, do some minor detailing work like putting on some new decals in the engine bay and try to safe as much money as I can, to hopefully be able to afford a new concourse grade paint job for the 1967 Eldorado next fall.
This season I did not drive my Cadillacs very much - all in all a tank of fuel on every car... We had a very wet summer, my job was very demanding and our baby son Elliot was born in May, so I did not have much time to enjoy my cars as much as I would have liked.

Miles driven in 2010:
  • 1967 Eldorado: 275 miles
  • 1967 DeVille: 189 miles
  • 1958 Eldorado: 187 miles

Looking forward to the 2011 season with some great shows coming up. In June 2011 the US-CAR-SHOW Dornbirn will be held again and of course the Cadillac BIG Meet on August 28th 2011 will be my personal Cadillac highlight again.

The cars are in storage now - a picture before they were covered.
The cars are in storage now - a picture before they were covered. Sleep well!


A photoshooting with the 1967 Eldorado

As we are having an extremely rainy spring and summer here in Austria at the moment, my wife and I used one of the very few sunny evenings so far to go for a photoshooting with the 1967 Eldorado.
Afra used her old trusty Hasselblad camera which, even in the digital area, is better than any new camera, and shot a roll of good old black and white film and another roll of color slide film. She now scanned the films and the results can be seen here!

At the photoshooting with the light meter
Afra giving her best to avoid any reflections in the chrome
the sun is setting
My 67 Eldorado
click on the image to see all the images from this shooting

click on the image to see all the images from this shooting


Website update

I updated and relaunched my entire website today. Most things were done “under the hood” of the website, so you wont see many changes besides some new cool banner images. The website should be more reliable and compatible with the many browsers now. Whats completely new is the video gallery This may be convenient if you do not have Quicktime installed on your computer. I still recommend to watch the movies in Quicktime though. The quality is slightly better and it's not that CPU intensive on your computer. Please let me know if you run into any issues with my site, as this was a major update I did to it.

Cadillac BIG Meet 2009 - The Video

Today I finished a short video clip of the Cadillac BIG Meet 2009. This is Europes largest and best Cadillac Meeting held every year at the last weekend of August. The next one will be held on August 29th 2010. More info about the meeting can be found here.
I did some filming at the 2009 event and posted the video in the video section of the Cadillac BIG Meet. Enjoy this nice short clip with some fantastic cars.



A night photoshooting with the 67 DeVille

My wife and I had a great night shooting with my 1967 DeVille. She took some brilliant pictures with her Hasselblad 6x6 camera. The pictures were shot on good old Fuji Provia slide film and scanned afterwards.
I also took some "making of" pictures of her in action.
Click on the image below to go to the gallery with all the pictures.


New pictures of my 1967 Eldorado on my website

When I drove the 67 Eldorado home from the shop last tuesday (see report below)- I stopped at the park deck of the local shopping mall to shoot a couple of quick pictures.
You can find them in the Eldorados gallery.

You can find more pictures by clicking here.


US-CAR-SHOW Dornbirn 2009 - Film online

The US-CAR-SHOW in Dornbirn is held every second year and is Austrias finest car show.
I always exhibited one of my Cadillacs at the indoor show in the past years, but this year I decided to take the Roadmaster for the trip and just take part as a regular visitor.
The show itself is a class of its own. You can find hundreds of Hotrods, Classics and Muscle Cars there which you do not see at any other shows in Austria. We really had a great time there and are looking forward to the next edition of the show in 2011.

I shot 2 hours of footage at the 2 days of the show, which my wife Afra and I edited down to a 11 minute film, which is now available.
It features some great Cadillacs like a 53 Eldorado, 57 Biarritz or a 1959 Biarritz and many other great cars.

US-CAR-Show Dornbirn from Mr Cadillac on Vimeo.


Cruising 2008 - The Video

Last year I shot some video footage with my friends while we were cruising with our American cars. I also had the camera with me while we spent some time in the garage repairing our cars. I just finished editing and the result can be seen on my website now. The new video “Cruising 2008”. Enjoy!


New 1967 and 1958 Cadillac Ads

I found some of the missing 1958 and 1967 Cadillac ads and added 13 of them to the ads gallery.

1958 Eldorado Brougham ad

1967 Cadillac ad


Mostkost Kustom Video online

The new video of the last „Mostkost Kustom Meet“ which was held 2 weeks ago - is now online. You can watch the high quality Quicktime movie by clicking on the image below. I´ve also added some new images to the photo gallery.

Mostkost Kustom Meet #3 - 2008 from Mr Cadillac on Vimeo.



New Video online - Season Opening 2008

I did some filming when my buddy Tayfun was on visit on the first weekend of April 2008.
I edited it into this short clip which is now online. You can see some repairs going on, and Tayfuns first cruise 2008.
Quicktime 7 is required to watch the high quality file which you can find here.

You can also watch it as a flash movie by clicking on the image below!


Cruising 2007 Video online

I´ve just finished a new video and uploaded it to the video section of this website.

Although I did not film very much during the last 2 years, from the little material I have, I edited a short video. I also used some footage that was shot on real old fashioned Super-8 film.
It features both of my Cadillacs and the cars of my friends like Alex´s new 1963 Buick Riviera, Tayfuns 1981 Pimperado, Richards 1965 Impala and some local cars from Gmunden like Shorty´s Cougar, a great Torino, 2 Camaros and more. There is also some restoration work featured that was done in Richards´s private workshop. You can also watch some burnout action going on on a park deck of a shopping center...
The video is 15 minutes long and 100mb large - so a broadband connection is recommended. Quicktime 7 required to watch it.

Click on any screenshot below to go to the video.

Super-8 Material

1981 Pimperado cruising

Burnout action - Shorty´s Cougar!


New picture gallery - the best pictures

I have added a brand new image gallery to this site featuring the very best images my wife and I shot over the years.
It's a selection of my favorite images. Whenever a new favorite image is shot it will be added here.
Enjoy! You can go directly to this gallery by clicking on the image below. I will constantly add pictures in the future.



Dornbirn 2007 Video online

The US-CAR-MEETING in Dornbirn/Vorarlberg/Austria is probably the best show held in Austria. Its taking place every second year in may and hundreds of cars are attending.
This is the "homevideo" our friends and we shot there. It also shows the preparation of our cars as we almost could not finish them for the show.
My buddy Tayfun had serious electronic problems with his 81 Pimperado and my 58 Eldo developed a driveshaft vibration only 3 days before we wanted to leave for the show.
Everything was finished at the very last second and we finally had a safe trip to the show.

The video is also available on my video page.


Cadillac BIG Meet 2007 - a TV report by TS1

TS1 - a local TV station filmed a report about the cruising tour of the Cadillac BIG Meet which lead us to the shores of the "Traunsee" a scenic lake in Upper Austria. As I am part of the organization team I had to do a short interview for this report.
The report was done by Lorenz Zwicklhuber and Konrad Forstinger who did a great job. The video is now online in the video section of my website. You can click on the image below to go there.

© Courtesy of 2007.

You can watch the report here through the youtube link.

Or watch it on my website.


New pictures from the Cadillac BIG Meet 2007

You can find hundreds of pictures from this years Cadillac BIG Meet on the website of the Cadillac BIG Meet directly.
My wife Afra shot 2 rolls of slide film with her medium format camera. She has now scanned the slides and I´ve put them on my website.
You can check them out if you click on the image below.



New Gallery added

I added a new gallery to my website with the best pictures we shot at our many cruising nights this summer. It will be constantly updated with new images as they come in. Take a look here!



Website Update

Today I did a major update to my website. It now uses a different color theme. Hope you like it.

Another Photoshooting with the 58

As weather was really fine I took the 58 out for a little photoshoot yesterday evening.
You can find all the pictures in the 58´s image gallery.
Here is only a little preview:




New Website online

My old website has been online since 1998 and it was finally time to update it.
I replaced most of my old pictures with new ones and brought everything up to date.
Hope you´ll like it

.picture of the old website

thats how the old page looked like.