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The Cadillac BIG Meet
is Europes biggest Cadillac Meeting.
It's held every second year and it draws visitors from all over the world into the old Austrian city of "Kremsmünster".
I am part of the organisation team consisting of a few good friends who all got the Cadillac bug.
I always take off from work the week before the meeting to fully detail my cars I take to the meeting and do all the organisation work.

The theme this year was the "1967 - 1970 Eldorados" which we featured in a special exhibition at the venue. So it was clear that I would take my 67 Eldo there. It was also featured in the TV spot we produced to promote the Meeting

I fully detailed my cars to look as good as possible for this event.

My cars after cleaning - in my garage.

Weather forecast for the weekend was catastrophic after one of the driest summers we ever had. This caused some cancellations of participants and I was pretty nervous that many more would cancel their attendance. On friday evening quite a few super nice cars had already arrived at the hotel.

At the hotel on friday evening.


At the hotel parking lot.

The Driving Tour

At the Driving Tour on Saturday August 25th 45 Cadillacs attended. We drove from Kremsmünster to Feldkirchen where we had lunch at a very nice restaurant at the shores of a small lake.

At the restaurant parking lot.


Super nice 1953 Eldorado at the driving tour.

We then continued our tour to Linz where the cars were displayed underneath an art museum where the cars drew a lot of attention.

Stop at the Lentos Museum in Linz
On the way back to Kremsmünster it started to rain heavily and it did not stop until sunday noon.

The Meeting on Sunday.

Due to the bad weather we had far less Cadillacs in attendance this year. Lot of regular visitors stayed home as well.

There was still a great mood at the meeting with lots of spectacular Cadillacs attending.
Check out our vast image galleries of the Driving Tour and the Meeting on the Cadillac BIG Meet website to see some fantastic cars you wont see anywhere else.
My family and I had a great time there and I enjoyed meeting all these great Cadillac aficionados and admire their fantastic cars.

See you again in 2021!

The special exhibition - 1967-1970 Eldoradoedge
Elvis Presleys 1972 Station Wagon.


The first time we had an ambulance at the show. Loved it very much!edge
Armin won Public Favorite and the 1951-1960 category with his 1953 Eldorado which he had been restoring to perfection during the last 12 years.

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