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Cadillac Dealer Neon Sign is coming back to life in my garage.

A while ago I had the chance to buy two old and used Cadillac Dealer signs.
As it turned out later some very important things were missing to get them back to life and to let them glow again...
Lots of wires were cut inside the sign and nobody had an idea how to fix them. After a long search I found a company in Vienna which had the know how and the parts to fix them.
First and most importantly I needed the right two transformers. I had to measure the length of the neon tubes for them to calculate the voltage needed. (11.920 Volts btw...)

My electrician now helped me to bring the neon back to life. We are still waiting for some cables to arrive, but at least the sign is glowing now. With the right cables it will hopefully light up fully.
I have a second sign which I will mount in my other Cadillac garage.

The electrician at work - trying to figure out where the cables should go...
Its mounted on the wall in the center of the garage
Fixing it
The new transformers
It's glowing