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2021has been a very busy year for me in my job, but I am very glad that I had so much work and great clients in times like these.
I have to admit that my car activities were almost non existent until a week before the Cadillac BIG Meet.
I did not even drive all of my cars this year - one did not even leave the garage… BUT… CONTINUE READING BY CLICKING HERE

The 58 Eldorado
The 71 Lincoln
The 78 Eldorado

The cars in my home garage are ready for winter as well…



My Roadmaster lost its garage space in my dehumidified garages and now has to spend winter in my old, uninsulated garage which can get a little humid during the winter months. To make sure it will stay dry, I bought a "Permabag" which seals the car from the outside. It works with BIG desiccant cylinders which will keep the car dry and which can be used multiple times by simply drying in the oven for 3-4 hours every 3-4 months. I took a short video of the procedure, it took me a while to get it into the bag…

Here is a short time-lapse video of putting the car in.

IMG_7596The Roadmaster is in the bag for the winterhygrometer

Humidity inside the bag should stay below or around 50% -this is controlled by a hygrometer.


The cars are in winter storage :-(

With winter approaching rapidly, today I returned the license plates of my cars and put them into winter hibernation. I did not drive my cars very much this summer due to a mostly very rainy summer. So I did not rack up too many miles on my cars this season. I just made about 200 - 400 miles on most of them...
The cars are now in their cosy garages and will all get a new wax-, lubrication- and thorough cleaning job during the next few weeks. I usually also disconnect all the batteries, give the weatherstripping and rubber a good coat of silicone spray and treat all leather areas with leather conditioner. I also clean the interior carefully and over-inflate the tires to make sure that they do not get any flat spots. I will also park the tires on styrofoam. I really hate winter and snow and I am already looking forward to next spring... Over the winter I will rebuild the starter motor of my 1967 Eldorado and detail the undercarriage. The Lincolns undercarriage will get a very good cleaning as well. The 67 DeVille will get some new front wheel bearings and probably a new wheel cylinder and power booster. The 58 Eldorado will also need new front wheel bearings. So there will be a lot of minor things that will keep me busy over the winter...

Below are some pictures of our very last cruising tour this week with the Mark III

Cruising through the scenic landscape of Austria looking down at a lake
The Mark III enjoying the last sun rays...
The whole family in the Lincoln - little Elliot is taking a nap as usual - nothing beats the soothing sound of the V8...