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My friends and I bought a 1980 Biarritz.

My best two friends and I bought this junky 1980 Biarritz together. It runs and drives amazingly well - so we might repair it together as a fun project. My friend Richard Vobr has amazing skills in bodywork. My other friend Tayfun is an expert for the 1980 to 1981 Eldorados and has all the necessary parts. For me it's a good opportunity to learn how to do bodywork. I´m sure we will have some fun together fixing up this car ;-)
Also the trunk is full of parts for this car - the major issue is rust around the vinyl roof.
Best thing is that it cost us almost nothing.

The Biarritz is still drive-able - but the body is very rusty. The technical condition its pretty good though.
It's resting behind the garage at the moment. Will try to build a shelter for it.