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Work on my Cadillac garage project continues

Work on my Cadillac garage project has started again this spring.
3 weeks ago I was planning to have my floor epoxy coated, when I found out that something went terribly wrong with the screed. Its way too soft, so nothing can adhere to it!
The construction company responsible for it has to find a solution now - they will try to fix it with some chemicals, but I´m not very optimistic that it will work out.
I hope we can solve the issue without a legal battle and I will get a new floor soon.

My friend Richard once again helped me out with my garage work as well. He is an expert for plastering work and is helping me adding the last finishing touches to the exterior.
I will be able to do the paint work on the exterior hopefully soon.

Preparing the floor for the planned epoxy coating - it soon turned out that the floor is way too soft
Measuring the hardness of the floor - way too soft! Should be at 1,6 nm/mm2 and not 0,6 -in some areas its only 0,29 nm/mm2
My friend Richard helped me plastering the last details around the doors. The exterior is almost ready for paint.

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