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My two winter projects for the 2018/19 winter:😞
The Mark III has a leaking fuel pump if it was parked for more than an few days... (It stops leaking after its running for 2 minutes...).
The 1978 Eldorado needs both CV boots replaced ( the original ones just came loose but did not rip after only 40 years slinging grease everywhere). The 78 will also need some minor exhaust work (welding) and either the EGR valve needs to be replaced or the acceleration pump in the carburetor has a problem... it won’t get boring in the dead car season… I had hoped that I wouldn’t have to spend any time in the garage this winter...

First I had to buy some special tools like a 1 ½" or 38mm socket for the axle spindle nut and 12 point sockets for the axle bolts.
After all the tools and parts had arrived I completely did the driver side axle on the 78 in October as per the instructions in the shop manual (I will add these instructions here soon).
I will probably do the other axle in early spring. UPDATE: HERE IS HOW I DID THE RIGHT SIDE.

The replacement axles I bought are slightly different as the mounting area is slightly slimmer - I had to use an additional washer at the axle nut, otherwise the cotter pin wouldn’t have worked.
I also had to use additional washers at the inner end of the axle as the original bolts would have been slightly too long for the new axle and without the washers the bolt ends would have hit something... thanks to my friend Richard Vobr for helping me out with washers!

The fuel pump on the Mark III is hidden away in the engine bay pretty badly - it wont be easy to get it out, but I will also do this job in early spring and report how I did it…

The two "patients" in the shop

If you get yourself replacement axles/boots - make sure to get those with 5 ribs as they will last much longer!

You will need a huge socket for the axle spindle nut.

I had to install an additional washer to these bolts to work with the new axles. Use a torque wrench to fasten them to the correct factory specs!
The new axle installed.

Torque Specs

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