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A few years ago I sold my awesome, low mileage, all original 1966 to a friend. I always regretted that I sold it, but I did not have any other option back then.

Through a couple of car trades within my Cadillac friend community, the car became available again ,and my friend Georg helped me to get it back.
I can't thank Georg enough - without him I would have never gotten the car back!
Today was the day to pick it up at my friends garage and drive it home, although I do not really have enough garage space anymore… So the 1996 Roadmaster will have to move to my old daily driver garage…

When I sold the car, everything worked as it should, there was not a single non working thing on the car. While I drove back home I noticed that the blower motor would not come on which bugged me quite a bit. Back home I immediately started investigating the problem. I tested the master vacuum switch which turns the blower motor on. I noticed that no current was going to it.
I then started looking under the dash at the ATC control head and found a strange tilt switch which clearly did not belong there.
As it turned out the last owner thought that he would have a problem with the blower not coming on. What he did not know, is, that there is delay for the fan to come on when you turn on the heater and the car is cold…This delay is controlled by the hot water valve.

He had a "professional" mechanic try to fix the non existent issue… This guy obviously did not know what to do and did not read a shop manual either, so he installed a switch to manually turn the blower on or off… He spliced some wires in, but luckily did not cut any of the original wiring. For this butchering job he charged my friend quite a lot of money.
LuckiliyI managed to reverse everything he did and within an hour I had the ATC (automatic temperature control) work like it should again.

I will completely freshen up the car now over the winter, as the car now also has a problem with a sticky choke on the carburetor, lost the original hood insulation, and the FM part of the radio no longer receives any stations.
To make the car perfect again I will also dry ice blast the undercarriage and totally clean it up like I did on my 74 and the Roadmaster to preserve it as good as possible. After I have fixed everything it will have to pass inspection for the Austrian regulations to get a registration.

_FST9255-editIn my friend Georgs garage._FST9267-edit-edit
Taking over the keys - THANKS MY FRIEND!!!!


This is how the shop messed up the ATC system of the car… I reversed everything back to original!
Driving it home

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